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Hello; I’m Melissa I’m 40 years old I have 7 children & 3 grandchildren. I have my hands full plus being sick. I don’t do a lot of things that i us to do. Like cook, clean, read, plant,pant well you know a lot of things.
I wake up in the morning–every morning–feeling like a truck just ran over me, You all have a hint of what fibromyalgia (FM) feels like. All my days were filled with constant muscle soreness that varied from bad to excruciating, but I barely had the energy to do anything about it because of the fatigue, brain fog, poor sleep and flu-like symptoms, You might understand what life is like for someone seeking fibromyalgia relief. But while the Arthritis Foundation lists FM as the second leading form of arthritis, most of us have never even heard of it. People seeking fibromyalgia relief are sensitive to smells, sounds, lights and vibrations. Headaches are a common symptom. Fibromyalgia relief offers a solution for common symptoms, which include muscle twitches, ringing in the ears, dry eyes alternating with watery eyes and a chronic runny nose that isn’t caused by a virus or bacterium. Added stress will cause FM to flare up. During a flare up, people seeking fibromyalgia relief are more likely to misplace their keys and forget where they parked their car. They may lose their balance or get dizzy if they turn their heads too quickly. If they have to sit still for a long meeting or on an airplane, their muscles get rigid and painful. They may gain weight. Though pain is the most common symptom, the list is long and is different for everyone seeking fibromyalgia relief.A good night’s sleep can do wonders. Unfortunately, a common symptom of FM is poor quality sleep, called the alpha-delta sleep anomaly, where as soon as you reach a level of deep delta sleep, alpha brain waves bump you back to shallow sleep. The body needs delta sleep to do its repair work. Many people seeking fibromyalgia relief suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome, which also disturbs their sleep. FM is associated with more than 46 different infections, metabolic, neurologic and neoplastic conditions including esophageal reflux, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus, low-back pain and osteoarthritis. But FM alone has no visible signs, which is probably why people who suffer from it are in search of fibromyalgia relief and can’t always get the help and support they need. FM has been called an “invisible illness” because, no matter how awful it feels, people who have it don’t look sick and the usual medical tests come back negative. People searching for fibromyalgia pain relief have been told everything from “it’s all in your mind” to “everybody has pain, just live with it.” Without the possibility of a lab test result, many physicians have been reluctant to recommend anything for fibromyalgia pain relief but a trip to a psychiatrist’s office. FM is, in fact, a chronic disorder involving the entire body above and below the waist and on both sides. Sometimes I feel like dyeing. But i don’t my kids show me how much they love me every day. Thank God !!


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